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The first dress specific to jungle warfare was the Indian made "jungle green" (JG) version of the British Army's ubiquitous Battledress (BD) uniform. First produced in 1943, in "JG BD" consisted of a cool aertex BD blouse and hard wearing drill trousers; this uniform was also produced in khaki for non-jungle terrain.

VERY OBSCURE MILITARY UNIT OF THE VIETNAM WAR. This ERDL jungle jacket with insignia, mostly theatre made, Cobra Flight was the name of a unit that did base security, complete security comprised of only USAF personal. They were even reported to have mini guns mounted on Jeeps that patrolled the perimeter of the base at Phu South Vietnam.

VU-914 Vietnam Era Navy Seabee uniform set. $80 : VU-906 1967 dated Poplin Jungle shirt. Appears to be unworn. Some red material on lower pocket. Otherwise choice. $95 : VU-905 Very interesting custom made Jungle Jacket with pocket patch. Name strip has been removed. There is a very faded inked name, barely visible.

The evolution of the US Military Uniform. During America's first bloody war, Continental Army soldiers took to the battlefield wearing blue uniform coats, a tradition that has continued in some form or another to this day. Modern United States Military uniforms are branch specific and have specialized features designed to meet the unique

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These pants are a faithful reproduction of the paratroopers' WWII O. D. uniforms. Accurate pockets buttons and leg tie straps. Especially designed to meet the unique needs of airborne troops. Introduced in 1942, and used through 1944. Made from a tough cotton material in …

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The Platatac Jungle Uniform takes old school inspiration and incorporates it with a modern, innovative and cutting edge fabric to bring you the lightest and most functional jungle/hot weather operations uniform ever. Made from the aptly named "Apocalypse" fabric, this nylon rip-stop fabric is lightweight, durable, quick-drying and ...

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