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Here's a breakdown of the Visitor Oyster Card vs Oyster Card (the regular one), to help you figure out which Oyster Card to get. ... They both have a daily cap, depending on how many zones you travel through in a day. ... Peak fares. Both types of Oyster Cards get charged more for peak travel, so you pay more to travel on the Tube, DLR, London ...

The travel card and Oyster cap have the same prices, 15.2 for Off-peak and 20.2 for Peak. So if I leave East Ham after 09:30, I would be charged 15.2. However, if I use my Oyster East Ham to canary wharf in Peak, 1.5, Canary wharf to Watford junction, 2.6 if I use route through stratford and 2.6 from watford to east ham via stratford. total 6.7 ...

Peak times are between 06.30 - 09.30 and 16.00 - 19.00 Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays. What age is the child with the Zip Oyster? The single fare rates for the 11-15 Zip Oyster are different to the 16+ Zip Oyster. The daily cap for 16+ is £3.40 (half the adult cap) for travel within Z1-2 at any time.

U.K. and Ireland - Oyster card: off peak price cap vs. off peak day travelcard - The only real reasons to buy a visitor card would be ease. They can be sold by third parties (some airlines sell them on board, travel agents, train companies with long distance services into London. So there could be a slight time

The section on TfL's website dealing with peak and off-peak times specifies the times but it doesn't specify if those are considered when card holders touch in or when they touch out.. Say, I board a train at 18:45 from Euston and arrive at Watford Junction at 19:07. The journey started during the peak time but ended during the off-peak time.

1. Re: Oyster Card Daily Cap. £6.60 anytime for zones 1-2 (where you would be travelling most likely). For 7 days you would be better getting a 7 day travelcard loade, can start any day, £33 something) or getting national rail issued ones if you want to do the 2for1's. 2.

Whereas, if I chose Oyster PAYG, although there is supposedly a daily off-peak cap of £8.40, it has loads of hidden monstrous charges (e.g. if your journey takes longer than usual or if you change your mind and want to leave the station after you touched your card) plus there is an EXTRA PEAK period at 16.00-19.00.

Oyster single fares: peak and off-peak times. If you use your Pay as you go Oyster card only few times a day, the price you pay for each single journey depends on the time of day you travel. Peak. Monday–Friday 6.30am–9.30am and from 4pm–7pm. If you travel into central London (zone 1) from an outer zone, there is no afternoon peak rate ...

Daily cap. A daily cap is calculated over 24 hours for pay as you go journeys that start at 04:30 and end on 04:29 the next day. Weekly cap. A weekly cap limits how much you pay for all your journeys in a fixed Monday to Sunday period. It works using adult rate pay as you go on contactless (card or device) or Oyster.

You are charged the Oyster rate for a single fare until you reach the cap. Usually, it only takes 3 to 4 trips before you hit the daily cap. If all of your trips are during offpeak times, the Oyster caps at the fare for the equivalent offpeak travelcard. If any are during peak, then it caps at peak. Transport For London rates

This is only really useful if you travel 4 or more days in a week. Single fares and caps are the same as a normal adult Oyster card. You can also get a 16-25 National Railcard and have the discount added to either a blue adult Oyster or an 18+ Student Oyster. This gives you a third off the adult off-peak single fares and the off-peak cap.

Oyster pay as you go. Use an Oyster card to pay as you go to travel on our transport. TfL Oyster and contactless app. Top up anytime, anywhere and manage your cards on the go. Single fare finder. Check the cost of a single journey between two stations. Find fares.