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CORD CUTTING: Police officers in ordinary Colombian uniforms cut a string in the colors of the Federal Republic – while a student with a Hitler mustache stood in tight guard and witnessed it all. Photo: The Colombian National Police view more. Several students were dressed in Weacht and SS uniforms, the latter with clear swastikas.

20/11/2021. A new scandal, with diplomatic reach, shakes Colombia's security forces. At an event held at a police school in the southwestern department of Valle del Cauca, police officers in uniform cheered Nazi Germany on Thursday with swastikas, uniforms and iconography, in images that flooded social media in a flood of criticism.

National Police attend a ceremony showing their new uniforms at Plaza de Bolivar in Bogota, Colombia, Monday, July 19, 2021. The uniforms changed from green to blue, and an arm patch features a QR code that allows anyone who scans it to see the officer's name, rank and badge number.

Looks like this guy to me: Columbian National Police Juvenile division Major Ricardo Prado. Last pictures, titled him as now Colonel Prado. Been busy with Freewinds (even did a course), working with Scientology. Haven't found pic of Natl Police dress uniforms; most are street grunts with the usual camouflage look.

The police in Colombia wear Nazi uniforms and imitate Hitler as a "cultural exchange". The chief of the Simón Bolivar Police Academy was reportedly fired after the catastrophically ill-conceived "cultural exchange" event with Nazi flags and even an Adolf Hitler imitation A poorly thought out "cultural exchange" event at a Colombian police academy …

Colombia - National Police (Policia Nacional) Colombia's first national police force, consisting of an estimated 450 men, was organized in 1891 with the assistance of a commissaire of France's ...

The National Police of Colombia (Spanish: Policía Nacional de Colombia) is the national police force of Colombia.Although the National Police is not part of the Military Forces of Colombia (Army, Navy, and Air Force), it constitutes along with them the "Public Force" and is also controlled by the Ministry of Defense.Unlike many nations which use a tiered system of …

The 2015 seizure of 500 contraband police uniforms in El Salvador, the recent breakup of a false police gang in Mexico and the adoption of similar anti-impersonation technology by the Colombian National Police suggest that this is a regional issue. However, it is not yet clear what impact the introduction of the new uniforms will have in Honduras.

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