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3 Light Cruisers spamming the best armor, engines and the best light cannons. Speed is around 34. 1 Light 'Spotter Cruiser' that spams spotter planes. 1 Light 'Torp Cruiser' that uses as many slots as it can for torpedoes, sonar and depth charges.

The Italian Navy had long favoured cruisers that saced armor for impressive top speeds. However, it was soon feared that the ships were too vulnerable compared to contemporary cruisers. A more balanced design that placed equal emphasis on armor protection was called for. This new cruiser would become the Zara class.

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The armored cruiser was a type of warship of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. It was designed like other types of cruisers to operate as a long-range, independent warship, capable of defeating any ship apart from a battleship and fast enough to outrun any battleship it encountered.. For many decades, naval technology had not advanced far enough for designers to produce a cruiser which ...

Armored Cruisers are an early type of cruiser that feature relatively good armor values despite their size. Their armor is meant to protect specific vital parts from exploding shells and such. They mainly do not have great firepower and they're the earliest vessels in the game that you obtain at …

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Fürst Bismarck was the first armored cruiser constructed for the Imperial Navy. The ship was the only member of its class, and was designed primarily to serve in Germany's colonial fleet. The design for Fürst Bismarck was an improvement over the previous Victoria Louise-class protected cruiser—Fürst Bismarck was significantly larger and better armed than her predecessors.

The reality is far more interesting, and the I class commisioned amongst the last wave of armoured cruisers. The difference is critical - it is often argued how followiung battlecruisers quickly made the I class ships obsolete. Yet that statement is far …

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Ok, what was the best Armored Cruiser of them all? Usually the best one of each navy would be the last one each navy built. The major contendors, as I would call them, would be the USN Tennessee class (Memphis class), the British Minotaur class, the German Blucher class, and the Italian San Girogio class, plus a few others.

Hindenburg - Tanky cruiser that doesn't excel at any one thing, but does everything well. The closer the range, the more effective your armor is. Good guns, 1/4 pen HE pen baked in means you can do damage to anything at any angle. Moskva - Specializes at bow in map denial. Massive citadel prevents any real plays while pushing.

Armoured Cruisers (ACR): Armoured cruisers are medium-sized ships carrying fairly heavy guns. They are best used for engaging smaller warships, though they can also function as budget capital ships. Cruisers (CL): A medium screening vessel.

SMS Blucher, German Armored Cruiser 1914, Combrig 1:700 Scale-Combrig has done another admirable job in producing a 1:700 scale replica of the best of the armored cruisers. Although a World War One warship, this Blucher kit is not for the beginner.

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French cruisers. Low and Mid-tier light French cruisers are basically "glass-cannon" ships with good speed and good HE shells. Hight tier French Cruisers belong to the class of heavy cruisers with fast turning towers, good shell ballistics, excellent armor penetration and good DPS when playing with armor-piercing shells.