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Our new Military Intermediate Cold Sleeping Bag w/ Hood is a combat tested and battle proven sleeping bag that is used by US Military Forces. With the mummy style design and temperature range design from +45 to +10 degrees you will stay warm and comfortable on your next overnight excursion in the outdoors or long term out door adventure.

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Intermediate Cold Sleeping Bag Military Surplus- Black Rated to-10 degrees(but I wouldn't want to try it! NSN: 8-0687 Very Good Used Condition. Which means: The zipper zips as it should. The velcro sticks as it should, the elastic stretches as it should, and there are no tears. First one costs $16.99 plus $15 shipping.

GI Intermediate Nylon Cold Weather Sleeping Bag Surplus. The U.S. issue Intermediate Sleeping Bag was designed to be used by itself or along with the patrol and bivy cover creating a modular sleeping system. The intermediate bag is rated from 30 degrees to -10 degrees and offers features like chest baffeling, roomy box foot design, sculptured ...

3 reviews. $8999. $89.99. Shipping calculated at checkout. AddThis. This Intermediate Cold Weather Sleeping Bag is part of the Military Sleeping System. Rated for temperatures between 30° to -10° when used alone, it is the ideal sleeping bag to take along when you are headed outdoors in colder climates. Free from cold spots.

Beat the cold during your winter camping trip with this GI Style Intermediate Cold weather Sleeping Bag. This military style sleeping bag comes in new condition. Made with a durable cotton outer shell with a cotton lining and Holofill polyfill insulation, this winter sleeping bag is great for temperatures down to approximately 12-22F degrees.

I am embarrassed about what our military adopts for our Marines and soldiers sometimes. Sleeping bags are no exception. Yes, I spent time in the Intermediate sleeping bag with a goretex bivy bag. I was always damp and cold when the temperature was below freezing. Also, after awhile the sleeping bag would never fluff back up.

This Military Issue Intermediate cold sleeping bag sets a standard for quality. For use in temperatures below 10F degrees and above. An excellent choice for warmth in some of the world's harshest climates. Made of durable nylon, the insulation will not "bunch" up when in use either. Can be used with the Modular Sleep System.