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Best Scopes for High Recoil Rifles. Scopes that are capable of withstanding heavy recoil are important when using a high-powered cartridge. The best scopes for high recoil rifles are sturdily built to handle the harshest terrain and apart from being sturdy and durable, high recoil rifles are handy because they maintain zero even after repeated recoil.

The visibility of the fixed power scope front sight is high. This feature enables the scope to catch the eye in bright and low light conditions. The best thing about this fixed power scope is that it works exactly as advertised. In the reticle, you have full permission to change the different color illumination. This is a cool scope that ...

Variable High Powers. Trijicon Tenmile 5-50x56 Extreme Long Range Riflescope With Red And Green MRAD C... Trijicon Tenmile 5-50x56 Extreme Long Range Rifles... Trijicon Tenmile 4.5-30x56 SFP Tactical Rifle Scope with Red and Green LED Illum... Trijicon Tenmile 4.5-30x56 SFP Tactical Rifle Scop... Leupold Mark 5HD 7-35x56, Tremor 3 Reticle, 35mm ...

One scope to rule them all. From dark-timber whitetails, to executing precision long-range shots on an open-country mule deer, and everything in between - there's the Razor HD LHT. Stunning, High Definition optical system delivers a crystal-clear sight picture with tack-sharp resolution. Turn every second of legal shooting light into opportunity.

Here, service rifle aficionado Dennis Santiago provides his objective review of the Leupold VX-4.5HD 1-4.5x24mm Service Rifle optic. Review: Leupold VX-4.5HD High Power Service Rifle Optic. After testing, Santiago ended up as a fan of the scope, summing the VX-4.5HD with, "There is a lot to like about the Leupold.

The Argos BTR is a powerful, high-quality scope that comes in 8 to 34 power and is perfect for long-range shooting. The optic has a 56mm objective lens that offers a bright sight picture as well as a wide field of view. The Argos BTR scope is a first focal plane scope that means the reticle will be useful and accurate at any level of magnification.

An integral part of the scout rifle is the scout scope…a low-powered scope designed to increase precision and accuracy without inhibiting target acquisition. Scout scopes aren't bulky and heavy like the high-powered scopes you see long-distance marksmen using.

Nightforce NXS Rifle Scope 30mm Tube 5.5-22x 56MM Hi-Speed – The Nightforce NXS Rifle Scope is a high speed scope that could not be ignored for the unlimited budget best category. Nightforce is one of the top brands for professional rifle scopes, …

Pros: The NXS is an extremely high-powered scope, with a top end of 25X. That's more than enough to make shots out at 1,000 yards and beyond with inch-precision. This high power really complements a premium rifle, and won't underpower even the biggest rifle.

While I look, watch and drool with envy over the number of high end scopes and optics, spending 4 figures for use on a $900, just isn't an expense a retiree can easily justify. I have both a scope and a holographic Red Dot on quick mounts. The scope is a Vortex Diamondback Tactical Rifle, with 4 – 16x, the Red Dot a Vortex Venom 1x.

This is a fixed magnification high power scope best suited for bench rest shooting. Plus any long-range shooting if your target is at a distance of 800 yards or more. This scope will not be a good option for close range, which somewhat limits its use in hunting. But it still can be used to hunt small varmints and game animals at an uncommon and ...

Ultimately, this long-distance and high-powered sniper scope will be a great choice for those who have a little extra cash to spend and who are interested in the innovative turret's design. 4. Trijicon AccuPower 5-50×56 Riflescope. Check Price on OpticsPlanet.

The premier high power coat is the Creedmoor Hardback. Creedmoor has taken steps in recent years to fit coats to shooters with different dimensions, making a huge difference for competitive shooters. This coat provides stability during offhand stages and tightens up all positions.

High end and more expensive premium optics help eliminate these problems, but they still remain to a large degree on any high zoom power scope. It takes a refined level of skill to properly acquire and shoot with them. When selecting an air rifle scope, don't get too crazy with the zoom power. Bigger isn't always better. Objective Lenses