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In the movie "What a wants" a young goes to England to meet her father. The Father's mother speaks to the while shooting birds being thrown from a manual floor thrower. The sad thing is that the Grandmother hits everything BUT the . I suppose this was an example of the upper class shooting for sport.

Stallone's commie-killing Green Beret is famous for stacking up a whopping 552 kills across the five-movie franchise, but Rambo only actually kills one person in First Blood, and even that one is unintentional. The emphasis in First Blood is on Rambo's Special Forces expertise rather than his ability to hip-fire a machine gun.. Rambo puts on a SERE clinic that …

This was the time frame that John Wayne was filming The Green Berets at Benning, and he frequently stopped by the Airborne Annex to the Officers Club and bought drinks for the bar. In the movie, Wayne was featured with the …

In the scene there is a large green leaf over her left shoulder from the bushes behind her. Later they take one last rest before the choppers arrive to take them. Lynn is scene sitting on a rock in the background. John Wayne looks at her and her brother in law. The scene cuts to her again and its the same clip from the previous rest period ...

Many have said that Green Berets is like a film about WW2 showing the pro-nazi side, and even that is too generous to John Wayne-- who was, of course, a "good American" in the same sense that Adolph Eichmann was "a good German" (Eichmann was patriotic, participated in civic activities, supported the wars of his country etc)

The commander of the United States Army Airborne School at Fort Benning can be seen shooting trap with John Wayne in the film. He can be identified as the only soldier wearing the Vietnam-era "baseball" fatigue cap; the rest wear green berets. The soldiers exercising on the drill field which Wayne shouts to were Army airborne students in training.

backdrop. "The Green Berets" was one of those films and its starring role was played by actor John Wayne. One scene was shot on lo-cation at Hook Range where Wayne, playing Colonel Michael Kirby, is shooting skeet with fellow "officers." Since becoming a part of the USAMU in 1960, the Round House has had 24 USAMU

At (01:31) A small group of soldiers is gathered with Colonel Kirby (John Wayne) as the "Mike force" is landing in helicopters. Sgt. Provo (Luke Askew) loses his boonie hat as the second chopper in the stick touches down. The cover is seen to fly straight up and is presumably pushed a distance away from the rotor wash.