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Raspberry beret The kind you find in a second hand store She wore a Raspberry beret The kind you find in a second hand store Raspberry beret And if it was warm she wouldn't wear much more Raspberry beret I think I love her I'm not entirely sure what Prince is talking about.

Raspberry Beret" is the psychedelic upbeat pop rock track from Prince's 1985 album "Around the World in a Day". The track was originally demoed in 1982, but was massively reworked by the time it was released due to the inspiration he had from his backing band (The Revolution) with sounds of a more psychedelic string sound and middle eastern finger cymbals.

The lyrics of "Raspberry Beret" are about a teenage boy's first sexual experience. Prince describes a who "came in through the out door", wearing a raspberry beret - "and if it was warm, she wouldn't wear much more". He ends the song by acknowledging that while "they say the first time ain't the greatest", if he could do it all again, he ...

the prince song "raspberry beret" is a hit song about young love and young lovers getting it on, everyone can figure that much out, but in princes unauthorized biography "Behind the Purple Curtain" author Wink Silverstein explains the real meaning; the "raspberry beret" wasn't just an article of clothing but also a depraved act the ...

Sometimes a raspberry beret is just a raspberry beret. It's not a metaphor for anything else. It's just an example, and symbol, of the kooky, bohemian, charity shop chic. Much like the starfish and coffee were examples and symbols of Cynthia Rose's different outlook in the song of the same name.

I wouldn't change a stroke. 'Cause baby, I'm the most. With a as fine as she was then, oh, oh yeah. Raspberry beret. The kind you find in a second hand store (the kind you find) Raspberry beret. If it was warm she wouldn't wear much more. Raspberry beret. I think I, I …

"Raspberry Beret" was written and produced by the multi-talented Prince. Up until today, Prince is generally regarded to be one of the best musicians to come out during the late-20 th century. And according to IMDb, Prince also directed the music video to the song. Justin Timberlake samples "Raspberry Beret"

"Raspberry Beret" remained a perennial live favourite in Prince's concerts for many years. It was initially performed in a full version for his 1986 Hit N Run World Tour whilst later performances including those on his Lovesexy Tour feature it as a stripped-down piece performed solely by Prince on piano, often as part of a medley with other songs from around the same period.

Prince originally recorded "Raspberry Beret" in 1982, but re-worked it with his newly re-formed Revolution backing band, which had just crystalized into what would become the fan favorite lineup: Brown Mark on bass, Bobby Z on drums, Wendy Melvoin, Lisa Coleman and Doctor Fink on keyboard, backing guitar, and backing vocals.