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The new generation of Gentex Combat Vehicle Crewman (CVC) Helmet Systems is based on a long legacy of Gentex CVC Helmets with improvements in shell design, inner liner, and communications equipment, and features Bose communications technology. Designed for personnel operating and manning military armored and other tactical vehicles, the helmet ...

There are both pros and cons to mounting your new tactical communication gear to your helmet, or simply wearing it underneath. Our recommendation is to mount the comm gear to your helmet using one of the many available mounting options that currently exist and purchase a second set of non-communications ear protection headsets for those times ...

Master General Ordnance Branch Tender Section - 0813840776. Directorate of Army Quartering (DAQ) - 011-2388760. Directorate of Supply & Transport (DST)-011-2302569. Directorate of Movement (D Move) - 011-2342813. Directorate of Engineer Services (DES) - 0112434924. Directorate of Ordnance Services (DOS) - 0112440381.

2. Sena 50S. The Sena 50S the the top of the ladder for Sena's communication systems. This unit is quite new to market – meaning that you get the best of the best when it comes to tech – and ready to take on any adventure you may have in store. The new series 50 platform brings Bluetooth 5.0 and Mesh 2.0 connectivity.

EM-002-H-BA-P ($1,725) The EM-002-H-BA-P headset is a tactical style headset designed for use exclusively with the Tocnet system. The headset features the Headsets Incorporated active noise reduction system for quiet, precise communications. The talk through system provides for situational awareness while wearing the headset.

Airsoft Helmets and Helmet Accessories; Hats; BDU Shirts; BDU Pants; BDU Set; ... Z-Tactical zComtac II Communications Systems Headset - FOLIAGE SKU: Z041G ... Baofeng Tactical 400-470 MHz Communications Radio - BLACK SKU: BF-888S. $14.99 Qty . View Details. SOLD OUT. Z-Tactical Z028 zSelex TASC1 Single-Sided Tactical Headset ...

Helmet Systems With Comms. When you need built in comms, plus protection, choose the Gentex Tactical Communications Helmet (TCH), designed for use in harsh maritime environments, or the Gentex Combat Vehicle Crewman (CVC) Helmet System, designed for personnel operating and manning military armored and other tactical vehicles.

When you pick up an HHV ATE helmet for $425.00, a SORDIN comms setup for about 300.00 and a 10W TRI PRC-152 for $300.00, you will have a functioning comms setup for around $1000.00. Once you run the numbers yourself, for competitors helmets, you cannot get into the helmet alone for that price, and the quality is identical.

Here is a list of five amazing ATV helmet communication systems that we think are the best. All of them are highly rated and among the best sellers. 1. Cardo PACKTALK BOLD – Best Value For Your Money. 2. Sena 50S – Best Large Groups Of Riders. 3. Sena 30K – For Large Groups. 4.

The helmet type will determine the kind of microphone you use. An open face or modular helmet requires a boom mic that sits on an articulated arm mounted under the cheek pad. A full-face helmet will need a mic stuck to the inside of the chin bar. Some helmets even offer recessed mounting points for the microphone and wiring, too.

Tender For HELMET PROCUREMENT OF DENPASAR POLICE POLICE T.A. 2021. View Tender Detail. 373052211122. 22-Nov-2021. 13-Dec-2021. India / WEST BENGAL. INR 123329. Tender For supply OF Safety Helmet (for working in Workshop) a) PVC with ISI mark b) Indian Standard 2925. View Tender Detail.

Radio Comms & GPS. Our radio comms section includes all gear and techniques used for tactical comms or emergency communications. These are the systems that work anywhere – and everywhere. Having a tactical radio system or mesh network allows a squad or team to communicate efficiently and securely. And best of all, these comms options work in ...